AWAKE update

Well it’s coming into its final stages. Formatting and polishing the cover. Am I ready for this?

Release date

Well, I’ve been toiling away whenever I can (day job, family, and housekeeping take up a lot of time).  I’m somewhat stuck on a part, so I have to figure… Read more »

Rogue One

So I don’t normally write reviews. It’s just not my thing. but maybe I’ll do one now and again. We went to see Rogue One yesterday. It’s rare we get… Read more »

Winter Wonderland

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I live in what’s called the Snowbelt. We get lake effect snow, which is blown in over the great lakes. Today… Read more »

RavenCon update

I’ve been receiving emails lately from the staff of this amazing convention. Even though this will be the second year I’m an author guest, I’m still just as nervous. I’ve… Read more »

Black Friday

Nope, not a fan. I’m a florist by day, so for many years I was working on Black Friday. It was now big deal for us because everyone’s at the… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No stress from trying to find the perfect gift, no heavy decorating, no surprise visits, just family and food. We get to see… Read more »