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July is almost over

With summer comes the busy times outside of my day job. Visits from family and friends, gardening, puppy training and time spent in the pool. Summer has always been a… Read more »


Making progress cutting out the bookmarks!  We’ll be giving them away at the HK table, and likely the swag table.  Also almost packed for the trip. A ton of costume… Read more »

Ravencon Come see me at the HK table in the dealers’ room. We’ll be doing henna and selling our fun jewelry and accessories. Also, free bookmarks with original artwork! Don’t… Read more »

You know, it isn’t easy living with anxiety.  It seems to be very common with writers.  I never know when it’s going to come in and derail whatever I’m doing…. Read more »

Today I’m working on revisions of book 8 (might as well work on something while I’m waiting for my manuscript of 1 to come back from the editor).  Lots to… Read more »


I have to say the cover art is looking very nice.  Perhaps not exactly as I would have wanted (but I can be a pain when it comes to art)… Read more »