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And furthermore!

The times you can microwave your tea with the same teabag and have it still taste remotely okay, is three. Three times. Then yuck. This was studied in a very… Read more »

Countdown to RavenCon

I know I have a few costumes (certainly compared to some of the prolific costumers). I wanted to make an extra special Ghawazee-inspired fantasy costume for this year. I don’t… Read more »


It was really nice here today, weather-wise. For us, ‘nice’ is non-raining and above 40 degrees. It was in the 50s and sunny, so perfect for yard work. You know,… Read more »

T minus 6 days

Excerpt: ā€œIā€™m not afraid of your supposed curse, for I am not a suitor, and four dead betrothed sounds more like a conspiracy than a curse.ā€ Pre order a copy… Read more »