About GB

GB was born in a small town in Vermont, and grew up in the country and attending a rural school. She started telling stories to her toys from a young age, writing her first short story in second grade. They’ve always been of the fantasy genre, because who doesn’t want to let their imagination travel as far as it can? But they’ve also been about real life: betrayal, suspicion, joy, war, triumph, self doubt, all that good stuff. …And unicorns and dragons!

Growing up her hobbies were showing her horses, lots of reading, and creating art. As she aged and life changed circumstances (she moved to the city where having horses wasn’t possible) she added folkloric belly dance, costuming, and entertaining in her home to her list of activities.

The Avenzyre series has been in the works for better than 20 years, and so far there are ten novels written and waiting for revisions. AWAKE is only a taste of the feast to come. Keep an eye out, because GB is diligently working on getting the next one out as soon as possible.

Currently she lives just a short drive from Lake Ontario where there is lots of snow, in a rambling old colonial house with her family and pets.