July is almost over

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With summer comes the busy times outside of my day job. Visits from family and friends, gardening, puppy training and time spent in the pool. Summer has always been a “dry” time creatively for me. Not sure why that is, but it always has been. Perhaps because humidity robs me of my thought processes.

My mentor suggested I stop pressuring myself to write, and maybe read some unrelated genre novels, even trashy romance.  I’d been reading a lot of classics (mostly because they’re cheap on my e-reader) but at the wonderful local used book store I did in fact pick up a trashy romance novel.  Not the author’s best work, certainly. I haven’t read a romance since I was a teenager. They’re still good for a laugh, but this one turned me into a nearly spiteful editor.  However, I read it from cover to cover. Haha And not just for the “good” parts, either! I have to admit I did a lot of skimming because the story was boring and formulaic (as they all are) and the “good” parts were really bland compared to this book’s younger counterparts. Still, I was entertained even while annoyed by it’s “story” and will probably pick up another one when I’m looking for something completely different from what I do.  🙂