Summer! (almost)

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So I have a very small yard, and a lot of it is taken up by a 18 foot above ground pool and a massive and beautiful magnolia tree. However, there’s a lot of flower beds and a small vegetable garden. This year the baby pumpkin plants have come up everywhere! The squirrels really did a good job with that. I think there were a dozen or so baby pumpkin plants all through the yard, and a baby raspberry bush under the magnolia. It’s interesting what comes up when the warm weather hits. I think we might have lost one of the blueberry bushes, though.

In the veg beds we planted radishes, carrots and onions, because I can never decide what else to plant. Oh yeah, and pumpkin plants dug up from around the yard. The tomatoes and peppers are up on the pool deck in planters for better sun exposure. Hopefully we’ll have some veg this year! I’m a lame gardener, so who knows.

IMG_0889Speaking of gardening, I’ve started working on a new project I’m calling “the Gardens of Zenobia” and the main character is an eternal gardener who is very in touch with the goings on in the vastness of the castle grounds. I was inspired by my co-worker who is amazing with plants and has a garden worthy of a photo shoot or garden tour. Never know where inspiration might come!