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So there’s going to be a new Cats movie. I’ve never seen the play. I’ve asked people what it’s about and found that pretty much no one really knows other than cat costumes, singing and dancing routines. So I looked it up online and found this delightful website:


Thank you, Vulture, for making it clear that Cats is everything I thought is. If it gives you joy, that’s great. I wouldn’t take it away from you. Go ahead and enjoy that play/movie as much as you want, sing the songs, have a blast. But I have never had interest in it (I generally am not a fan of most musicals). What is Cats about? Nothing, really. It’s a play based on costumes and singing, not on actual story. Creepy costumes, actors prowling the aisles to distract you from realizing it’s nothing but fluff. I suppose it’s why I can’t get excited about musicals in general. I love music, a good movie score blows my skirt up, but singing in musicals is often time just distracting and feels contrived. Sure, I can watch some mouse movies, but it isn’t 90% singing. I can handle that. The story comes first.

Furthermore, high school musicals are the worst. Sure, if my daughter was in one I’d make myself go and yes I’d be proud of her putting herself out there, but other wise they’re hell on earth for me. Everything I don’t like about musicals, then bad singing and dancing besides.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few musicals I enjoy to some extent, and I’ve tried to watch soooo many musicals to make myself like them. But sorry guys, not happening.