No idea what I’m doing

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There I said it. And not that it matters, because I’m the only one who comes here. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing but authors are supposed to have blogs, or so I’m told. There are some bloggers who seem to have an endless supply of interesting things to say, or maybe just interesting ways to write about the mundane, but I don’t think that’s my cup of tea. I do movie reviews when I think of it, but I barely know what I’m doing there. Should I write about writing? Maybe? I’ve been at it for 27 years I should know something by now. Art? Well, I’ve been doing that for even longer but not steadily nor am I very schooled in technique.

I really wish I was a humorous writer. They’re the best. Like the writers on Love it. They can take any subject and there is humor in the writing (not making the subject humorous, there’s a difference). When I speak often times people laugh, but there are definitely times when they don’t get my humor.

Anyhoo, this spring was eventful. Left/lost (apparently it’s debatable if I was fired or resigned) a job that was really for the best, but I ended up a bit traumatized by the whole experience. Swore never to be part of a mom and pop florist ever again. Was unemployed for two months without benefits (a long story that I’m not going to go into but it left me wondering if my former employer was even sane). We used any savings we had to get us through while no jobs got back to me. At the end of the two months I was employed by a local school district as a sub. No training. Apparently I was qualified enough, but they just throw you into water and you hope you can swim. I definitely learned a lot, tried to watch teachers and TAs as much as possible. Other than anxiety I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to returning in the fall.

But then there’s the summer. Couldn’t find summer work. I’m convince that in this area they don’t know you, they’re not going to hire you. There were jobs that I felt I was well qualified for, maybe even over qualified (especially when the only requirement they mentioned was “high school diploma or equivalent”). But nothing shook loose. In a panic I signed up to be a 31 consultant. I love their products, figured it would rhyme with being a sub, and here I am. I’m still stressed as hell about paying bills and am praying that the husband has some good commissions this summer. Book selling has picked up, but when I say picked up I mean I sell a couple books a month. I had a big month where I made $11. I’ve been doing a lot around the house with all my extra time, and trying to focus on writing as much as I can. Right now it might be too hot for me to concentrate on writing. Will have to see. Book 4 is a long one and will take me a while to get it revised (haven’t even read it in over ten years). Also working on a children’s book that I hope to finish this summer if I can get unstuck.

So there you have it. My updates. If you’re interested, my 31 site is

Stay cool!