Captain Marvel

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Just got home from the local theater. They have recliners! We decided to take our eight year old to see Captain Marvel. She’s a big fan of Wonder Woman (not just the movie, but all forms of Wonder Woman). My husband is familiar with the comics but I only know what he’s told me of the Captain Marvel legacy. I’ve seen most of the Marvel movies but not all. There was lots of action and tension, I had to hold my daughter’s hand a few times when it she was too nervous. The retro feel with the soundtrack and old surroundings gave us more than one chuckle. Like I said, I’m no Marvel expert, but I thought it was a well done movie that tied into the rest of the Avenger movies quite well. No, it wasn’t the best piece of cinema ever, of course not. But that’s not what I was looking for. In my opinion hero movies are supposed to be fun, full of action, not too campy, suspenseful, and the hero wins in the end. I’m not a fan of gritty, dark “hero” movies, nor do I think they should be super fluffy and light. I think Captain Marvel delivered.