Uticon 2018 in review

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Sorry for the delay! Had another surgery so I haven’t felt up to much of anything.

Uticon is a one day event that is put on to benefit a charity. This year it was for cancer research. They have it at the lovely MVCC campus.

I can’t wait for next year! The folks running it were organized, communication was good, and the vibe was perfect. I was between two very talented artists, who were super friendly. There was a nice mix of vendors and one very generous man from a comic book store who gave my 7 year old a bag of all kinds of Wonder Woman goodies. I made new connections for conventions in CNY. And furthermore, I sold almost as many books as I did at RavenCon, and six hours. No hotel, only an hour away. I need to get to more of these. I’m making that New Year’s resolution right now. More local cons. I know some people will dispute the title “con” because it was only one day, but it was a wonderful experience.