The “truth”

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I know someone who on social media is always posting memes about the truth. “I tell the truth and it pisses people off” “If you tell the truth and it angers them it means they’re living a lie” –things of that nature. It seems every few days she’ll post one. But it’s been said that those who are “brutally honest” are more likely enjoy taking someone down than giving honesty. And what makes some people think that their opinion is the truth? Sounds rather arrogant. So you tell someone that dress makes their butt look big or their new hairstyle makes them look like crap. What if that dress is really comfy and maybe her husband thinks it’s damn sexy? Sure, maybe the hairstyle isn’t flattering, but there isn’t much to be done at that point. I don’t know that you’re actually just telling the truth, it almost sounds like you’re just being an asshole.

And furthermore, if you think someone is doing something wrong, they’re much more likely to heed your advice (and you remain friends) if you word it nicely. “Well, the print of the dress is really fun, but the other one downplays your booty.” Or heck, maybe she looks damn good anyhow and you’re just envious.