RavenCon in Review

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I’ve always thought of RavenCon as my “home” con, even though it’s a ten hour drive away. Even if I was a frequent con-goer I would likely still feel that way. So many friends, good people, and good times happen there. I don’t know if I could have a bad time, honestly.

The hotel is lovely, and the staff helpful. The Con staff are also a great group of people and I call many of them friend. Always helpful and on top of things. This year I had a table I shared with my Wicked Step-Brother, Myron, in Author and Artist’s Alley. I had a great location, and did well for being new to pitching. (a big thank you goes out to our table neighbor, Author Michael Thompson, and Myron for helping me with my pitch). The attendants of the con are the usual mix of wonderful, odd, and wonderfully odd. I’ve heard horror stories from other cons, but I have yet to have one of those experiences at RavenCon.

Some of the sillier highlights include a crop dusting next to our table that nearly killed Myron, two drunk dudes who said some pretty weird things to me at 7am Sunday (they made me laugh and I told them to go sleep it off) and a woman in a gown snoring in a second floor chair (she might have made a legend of herself for many people had seen her).

All in all, lots of good people and good vibes. I’m hoping to be an author guest next year, so I’ll be applying when the page is updated on their website. Looking forward to it, either way!