Finding time to write… it’s a Monday

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Life gets so busy. Working full time, kids and all their activities, pets, family. So much going on. But fear not, aspiring writers, you can still do it. Does it take more time? Of course. I would love to write full time, but so far I haven’t made anything close to a living on my books, so a day job is a must. I commute too, so that takes another hour and a half out of my day. So I really get it. But if you have the drive to write, you’ll find time. Maybe it’s only a notebook while doing laundry, or organizing thoughts in your head while driving (that’s me!) or a half an hour before or after the kids are in bed (also me). You can do it! Jot down notes or a paragraph on your lunch break, or heck, on the john (no one needs to know). In time you’ll have an entire short story/novella/novel to nurture, and editing is much easier to do on the fly. Stick to it, you can do it!