It’s a Monday

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I don’t know why Monday is such a thing. I managed to whack my shoulder on a cabinet at home, then the door at work. I almost fell down the basement stairs twice in one attempt to go down them. I almost dropped my co-worker’s cell phone as she handed it to me. Monday is more like klutz day for me. Of course, having a prom-mom come in doesn’t help the mood.

For those who don’t know, I work at a flower shop as my day job. It’s like retail and customer service rolled into one, while dealing with emotional people all day. Prom moms come in generally with sons and agonize over corsages. More often than not, the boy *really* doesn’t care, and quite often the girl doesn’t care either. After pictures the corsages usually end up on a table somewhere. Yet the prom mom spends twenty minutes only to decided that she wants to go with all white because apparently navy is too difficult to match? I could really go on and on about the prom nonsense, but I don’t want to be that frustrated by the end of this post.

Anyway, I’m working on book 3 revisions tonight. Book 2 is with the editors. Things are moving along. Happy Monday!

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