I have questions

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Had a great time at RavenCon, as usual! It really is a lovely convention and I highly recommend it.

I was on a few panels and I had a reading and a signing. As some of you may know, I tend to have some stage-fright and anxiety. So my question is this: how is it all these other authors have no problems speaking up, and potentially talking over others? The panels I was on each had good moderators, which was advantageous for me because some of the other guests were far more outspoken and could have potentially given me zero seconds to speak. So where do they get this confidence from, and how do I get it? I try to stay on topic and not repeat myself and not the same thing other panel members say, which seems to be a thing others do sometimes.

Also, I feel really slimy trying to sell my book, not going to lie. Of course I think it’s a good book. I worked really hard for a very long time (better than twenty years, people) to make the best book I could. I’ve had people tell me it’s excellent, even people who don’t care for fantasy enjoy it very much. But how do I convince others of this without sounding like a used car salesman?

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