No Comments on Spring

It was really nice here today, weather-wise. For us, ‘nice’ is non-raining and above 40 degrees. It was in the 50s and sunny, so perfect for yard work. You know, for such a tiny yard, ours certainly is a lot of work. We raked out the flower beds, picked up trash that had blown in over the winter, that sort of thing. Soon we’ll be filling the pool and draining the cover. Good times. I even opened two of the windows, and by this I mean took the plastic off so we could open them. It’s always the same two–they’re smallish, and both have storm windows. (Yes, the house is very old, as are the windows) I call them the cat windows because they’re the ones she likes to sit in and survey her lands (not that she’s ever been outside).

Some of the bulbs are coming up, including some I’d forgotten I planted. Always a nice surprise! I don’t have a green thumb, and don’t have the time to tend the garden as real gardeners do, so I’m always happy to see that things have lived through another winter. It will be nice to see the giant magnolia bloom this year. The buds haven’t budged yet, so maybe by the time RavenCon rolls around they’ll be out. I’ll have to take some pictures.

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