In the beginning…

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I thought about adding a link to a blog I’d find on google about beginning the writing journey, but then realized I have have my own journey I can share. I’d always made up stories since I was little and would tell them to my stuffed animals instead of sleeping. I wrote my first story in second grade (it was full on fantasy and nonsense). I started writing my first novel when I was a sophomore in high school (which was the original–and terrible–very first draft of AWAKE). It’s changed so much over all that time and looks very little like it first did. Some of the character’s names are the same, but are very different in personality.

I think I started writing because I wanted to write a book I would like to read. I’d read a lot of fantasy but I read a lot of other genres as well. In recent years I’ve spend a lot of time reading the classics. I tend to shy away from whatever popular books clubs are recommending. But I have a difficult time finding fantasy books I can get into. It reminded me why I started writing.

Some people like to make an outline, but that hasn’t really worked for me. No, I’m a pantser. My characters and my world take me on the ride and I don’t always know where it will lead. When I first started writing I had some concepts and ideas that I wanted to work with, and over so many years it became what it is today. So put that pen to paper, jot some notes, come up with a character and a world for them to be in, and jump in. 🙂

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