Winter Wonderland

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I live in what’s called the Snowbelt. We get lake effect snow, which is blown in over the great lakes. Today the news is throwing around the works blizzard, and deadly. Although it isn’t too bad yet, I’m calling in. What I wonder about is why I feel so guilty about doing so. Is it because we’re a small office? Is it because I’m a workaholic? Why is this? This storm is going to be so awful the school called us at 6:00 this morning to cancel school. They’ve never called before, we just see the closings on the news like everyone else.

So I’ve built a fire in the wood stove and hoping my resolve stays when I call my boss a little later. Did I mention I don’t have a high paying job? It’s a small business so she can’t afford to pay all that much (I don’t hold this against her much), which is more reason to stay home. If I was making $200 a day and could afford some super awesome four wheel drive, maybe I’d go in. I’d really want one of those Toyotas that Top Gear took to the Pole. Those things could go through anything. I bet they’re special order. I’ve never seen one in a lot, nor out in the wild.

Anywho, the wind is whipping out there and I’ll probably be out in it snow blowing later if guilt doesn’t get me first. For those of you who are also in nasty weather–be safe out there.

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